Sunday, April 4, 2010

relations and that one word i used to talk about.

dearest deary,


i finally came to a sense that what ive been chasing all these years are just some fictions.

relations are what people wish to endure and definitely will be lurking for the ones that actually bloom.

ive wander and lost in few of relations but by far ive been in the worst case TWICE now.

i have been lying to myself ever since but it doesnt really matter because of my ignorance.

yes, ignorance made me do it.

i now finnaly accepting, there were no such thing as an honest relationship.

it is totally fictions.

hear me now.

i woke up today and just realized that love and relationship is one more thing that u can actually buy.

honesty and reality does not mix.


  1. ceh en. rimi aktif balik tulis blog nampak kekekekek kasi up la koleksi baju yang lu jual kat sini at least dapat la bantu lu punya marketing..... then p join kat blogger komuniti mana la tau kan.. sekadar kongsi tips ngan ngko.. cheers

  2. malas ah taruk baju kat sini.

    kat sini cerita hati dan perasaan jek. huhuhu.