Sunday, April 4, 2010

relations and that one word i used to talk about.

dearest deary,


i finally came to a sense that what ive been chasing all these years are just some fictions.

relations are what people wish to endure and definitely will be lurking for the ones that actually bloom.

ive wander and lost in few of relations but by far ive been in the worst case TWICE now.

i have been lying to myself ever since but it doesnt really matter because of my ignorance.

yes, ignorance made me do it.

i now finnaly accepting, there were no such thing as an honest relationship.

it is totally fictions.

hear me now.

i woke up today and just realized that love and relationship is one more thing that u can actually buy.

honesty and reality does not mix.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breathing new life in my fuckin ROOM.

whats up guys. yup, its me again.
its been 3 or maybe 4 months sice ive stop posting something here. ahaha!


anyway, happy belated new fuckin year to all. its goin to be march already but its never too late right?? (whatever)

its been a hell lot of things goin on in my life since the last chant.

now, i'm a poud owner of a new heavy metal shop in Kelantan. its a dream come true actually. its been a while since i dreamt of owning a metal shop, a place where all the metalheads hangout, here in KB. i dont really mind about getting a fortune from it. its the spirits that counts. ill even consider its as a Kelantan Metal Army HQ as for the main office for us to start something or any activity regarding KMA. and i call it...... THE ROOM.

it sucks to be stuck here in KB but at least i survived some downturn financially. its good to start a metal shirt business online since everybody is buying it from the web. THE ROOM is mainly be my showroom. not much sales from the locals though but i survived. thats where internet come in handy. diving around all the bundle shop accross the state and sell it in facebook is not a hard job. its interesting as well.

well, at least it helps me from self-destructions. been considering for quite some time though. at least it keeps me sane. by the way, where the fuckin hell is her??

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad raya and an awsome show!!!!

Hello there. its been a while since ive post something in here.

lots of things happened in my life recently. sad things, happy things, serious things.

im not looking forward to alk about my raya. as far as im concerned, my raya sucks. except for my mom's back in malaysia for good.

i did have 2 shows after raya. one at Taylors College and the other one at KL Bike Rally.

KL ike rally is so awesome.

the stage was awesome!!!! its fuckin huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, i didnt actually bring my own bike.

thats nazrie, jaei and me having a good time with "our bike"s. what a shame!!!!

i did met some thailand buddies.

thats me and Bro Jumeen and his wife on bike. please dont ask about that guy in grey shirt. Naz is so excited.

now, ive started a new project at home. can u guess what it is??

see ya!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i'm malay, i must be muslim, but i'm not

are malaysian ready for this yet?

Kyle Immanuel Khairudin, a singaporean has been a long life freethinker maybe since his teenage days i supposed and for the sake of the loved one's and also the need to choose his true believes, he recently spoke of what he really embrace. christianity. and yes, he was born muslim malays.

"many people assume that i'm malay, i must be muslim, but i'm not." for some of us in malaysia would rather accused him of being blasphemous but this situation is currently evolve in some areas in malaysia.

for people like Kyle it seems to be an easy choice afterall, Singapore is a secular and totally democratic country with no religion authority like we have in Malaysia.

more about Kyle? clik here (.pdf)

i'm really aware of what's happening in our society and actually sail deeply in the heart of this kind of culture. some of my friends are freethinker's. i'm not blaming them and obviously not really care in what terms they belive in but most of the time i'm amaze upon people's perception with this matter. it amaze me that in malaysia, being racism is far more acceptable than religous matter. at least Kyle believes in what he see and what he feels that being a malay by birth doe'snt mean he have to embrace islam and actually prove to us maybe in a blasphemous kinda way.

people are still spooned with the religous and well addressed perception about the society in media and everywhere yet leaving behind the true colour of misled and 'lost' society that i'm befriends with. with that kind of perception, im not shocked that malaysian are still going strong with the race issue.

it is shocked that malaysians are still not aware of the real terms of embracing islam. playing racial issue's in democratic party seems to be the main agenda for malaysians nowadays. i still havent got a clue where does the racial things going after election is over? as far as i'm concern, still nowhere.

i'm totally not worthy of bragging about faith but i knew one thing:

religion is sacred. its between u and god. only u and god. faith is the only thing that u hold on to. not race. jew is race. judaism is religion.

the real deal is, are we ready for this yet? i dont think so.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

kota bharu, grandpa's stories and a wonderfull meal

yeaa i know, its late! sorry guys.

firstly, there is nothing much that i did in the last few days. i travel back to kota bharu last weekends and it was fulfilling. remember that i use to say that i really miss my grandpa? yup. i really do. meeting him again last weekends really brought a tiny tears from my eyes. and guess what, he was really happy to see me. i wonder does he knows that i am missing him still.

he was a successfull man. his life is full off struggle and success. his life stories brought an inspiration to me. in the middle stage of his life, he has been a political figure. his contribution was enormous and yet fulfilling the needs.

he will always be my hero.

secondly, i did pamper myself to kelantan foods! it was awesome. with the tight two days schedule, i manage to eat everything that ive been craving for since my last entourage and yes, SUP BELUT and PADPRIK BELUT was the highest ranking in my list!

it taste awesome. its sensational in its own way. your can really feel the satisfactory upon sipping the soup and chewing the eel flesh. it was increadible.
and after that, the spooky image of the office came along and swept everything out of my fuckin' mind.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LPtrosis Disease and how to cure it.

last week im on fever. till now, i still feel the infections are still present. not many cases are discovered about this kind of fever but mostly infecting some of fully developed metalheads. there are little knowledge about the cure and how to treat it but it seldom works on hardcore shopaholic metalheads. its the L.P.trosis fever symptom's. the disease is really rare but it could be fatal if the infections are not prevented at the early stage. ive got infected by it once back in the years but it struck me again hard this time. this terrible disease will make ur brains hallucinate that u own this fuckin world and u still want more. its more addictive than drugs. the only way to calm down is the subtance called "eBay". this subtance will ease out the pain but it also have some dangerous side effects if taken accesively. but every disease has a cure. and agin, it has not been proven working yet. test from the results indicates that the L.P.trosis survivor may not be able to think positively and it seems like their mind are still stuck in certain periods mostly at the time of infections. can i beat this fuckin disease? i aint gotta clue bro!

to aishah sazali, the crazy high on sugar hangout was an escape from my miserable torn life. thanx gurl.

Friday, May 29, 2009

chicks and TIGERS!!!

this week was a totally hectic week.

i dunno why.

ive got lots of things worked out not the way it should be.

i went out with chicks this week but its sure not convincing me that im actually living i a fucking place called REALITY.

temptations has always been a friend but we never get a long well. but right now im starting to think what if i just say hi. still, im fuckin sure that i really cant handle it well. i feel so fuckin awkward with that thing infront of everytime i went out. its like im in front of a fuckin door of hell. grasping and waving for me to come along and lift me up to where i supposed to be.

dear Tiger, i bet we're still not gonna meet personally after all.

maybe next time. try harder. maybe its ur lucky day.

its hard being a fuckin rednecks poseur. i really do.